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Tasker: The Best App to Automate Your Android

When it comes to automation there are several apps in the market to choose from, but which among them is class apart and able to awaken the latent ability of your android device.

Android is always known for its flexibility and power offerings with the device. In comparison to an iOS device, Android offers better customization, plenty of free apps, easy installation from unknown sources and power usage. Power usage means using the full potential of your Android device and automation is part of it.

Automation is a cool thing you can do to your device, on the other hand, it’s bit tough and needs research to do, But the efforts are worth the result and Automating each task you want is a handy feature. If, you repeat several things on your Android smartphones.

Tasker Logo
Tasker Logo

Perhaps, Tasker is the best app to automatize your android device. Tasker is a powerful app designed to automate any task on an Android device, through various triggers. Triggers are any action, location or event set to ‘trigger’ another automated action in the device viz. on reaching certain coordinates Tasker triggers your Wi-Fi and launch your web browser. This is a custom location-based trigger. Tasker leaves the user with total automation and zillions of possibilities right from settings to send an SMS.

Task and Triggers

Tasker uses, time, day, location, event, state, QS Tiles, shortcuts, widgets, timers and other plugins to trigger task automation. Once desired condition, i.e., Time, Day, etc. met Tasker start executing the action programmed for those conditions as per programmed variables. Tasker can perform more than 200 plus task directly from the application including, kill the app, load app, open app, trigger alarms, set alarms, browse file, move a file, create zip, set wallpaper, play music and many more. The number reaches even higher once you installed the desired plugins to execute your task. Moreover, Tasker also processes task based on phone state and NFC tags viz.

“Turn Wi-Fi if switched to Airplane More or remain in the same state.”

“Switch off the (smart) light if, tapped on programmed NFC tag.”

Tasker has the ability to work once programmed accordingly to phone state, i.e., according to NFC, Bluetooth, If docked, Wi-Fi, headset plugged in, device orientation, etc. It also has the potential to programme an NFC tag for Tasker itself or in general.

Look and Feel

On the initial launch, Tasker looks white dipped in orange, nonetheless it features eight themes and different accent colors for customization. Tasker is also packed with the Black theme for AMOLED displays. The sibling theme for Android P is ‘Device Default Light.’ Device Default Light overhaul Tasker with the all-new Android Pie’s material design. Price factor: Tasker is priced at ₹199.99 in Indian Play Store and worth every penny as per the massive amount of functionality it provides. You can also try tasker for seven days, followed by the purchase of a license from Play Store in order to use permanently.

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