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After The Rain – ‘It’d be too frivolous to call this feeling love’ ❤️

After The Rain Always Comes a Rainbow

“The rain is always gloomy” this would be the thought pumping through Tachibana’s mind as she looked out of the cafe’s window while waiting for the downpour to stop. After The Rain aka. ‘Koi wa Ameagari no You ni’ follows Akira Tachibana a 17-year-old reserved high schooler who lost his confidence to be on the field after an accident that dealt a severe foot injury. It was cats and dogs and the chain of thoughts was endless until,

“Here’s your coffee” Her chain was put to rest by Masami Kondou a quadragenarian and manager of the ‘garden’ cafe. Tachibana instantly falls for the manager and his magic tricks. Despite being at the age, Kondou express genuine concern towards his customers and employees hence, viewed as soft, weak and fragile. However, these traits draws the attention of Tachibana who joins the cafe as an employee to be in close proximity.

Akira Tachibana
Akira Tachibana

The series has quite a fresh feel to it. It delves through the various phases of Tachibana and Kondou while keeping the main course intact. After The Rain is a very subtle romance between a denarian and a 45-year-old who is and has been gone through a similar phase respectively. While Tachibana is pursuing the same course of action as Kondou, Kondou is putting efforts to make peace with his past. After The Rain has taken a few references from Japanese classic Roshomon to encompass the scenarios. The series is paced normally and gets a little slower around the half. However, it quickly picks up the normal pace again. The idea of the anime is comprehended beautifully and fascinates the audience. This certainly isn’t just another romance, slice of life anime and is worth a watch.


Masami Kondou and Akira Tachibana
Masami Kondou and Akira Tachibana
Akira Tachibana - Looking Out of Window
Akira Tachibana – Looking Out of Window

The Animation of the series is quite exemplary. It’s no wonder considering the executor Wit Studio, the same Studio behind the epic animation of Attack on Titan series. Well, The studio has done a classy job down to the very core of animation. The way they manipulated the light in favour of execution was outstanding. Apart, the colour palette used in the series is also remarkable. Most frames are consist of moving characters, either in the foreground or in the background which makes the animation style more indulging and affable.

There are a few notable animation moment but, the use windshield wipers in car strolling from the memories land stand atop. Moreover, rains were so beautiful. It made me ask “are they really gloomy?”

The characters design are up to the mark and the sound works is complimentary. The overall all sound work is good, however, it lacks the thunderstorms in ambience, makes the rain too placid and uneven the continuity.

Our Ratings For The Anime

After The Rain

After The Rain
8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the overall sweetooth animation
  2. Definitely liked the use of windshield wipers
  3. Definitely nailed the plot

The Bad

  1. Could’ve made the ambience more typhoonic under typhoon alert
  2. That swings for animation part too

Where Can I Watch After The Rain?

After The Rain is available for watch on both Amazon Prime and Netflix in Japanese with relevant subtitles. The Sentai Filmwork has also released a English Dub of After The Rain on June 30, 2020.

Where Can I find After The Rain Season 2

After The Rain proposed a definite end to the series and sealed all plot points including the relationship between Tachibana and Kondou by stating “It’d be too frivolous to call this feeling love”

This leaves anime with no cliffhanger to be executed in the second season. Furthermore, there is no information made available by Wit Studio in regard to the second season.

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