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Fate/stay night Trilogy’s Spring Song Debuts at #1 at Japanese Box Office

After a delay of approximately six months, the most anticipated movie of the Fate/Stay Night Trilogy; Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song has been released on August 15th in Japan. The Movie is a direct sequel to Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower and Heaven’s Feel – II. Lost Butterfly. The third film of the trilogy opened at #1 and sold around 270,000 tickets for 474,890,600 yen as reported by Anime News Network
Earlier, Spring Song was scheduled to be released on March 28 however, in order to curb the transmission of the COVID-19 the movie was postponed for a later release by ‘ufotable’
As speculation, this has also impacted the release that of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train which was scheduled for the release this year, however, now has been postponed to 2021 by the same studio considering, a clash among two of the big movies will ultimately create a loss for the studio.

Fate Series is probably one of the most intriguing series in the anime industry, with the duel among the ideologies held close to the heart and not just men, the series viscosity is complex to comprehend as it becomes a playground for physical and physiological warfare. Every character-driven from their own motives tries to prove their ideologies correct and want to win the Holy Grail in order to make their wish granted.

Artoria Pendragon - King Arthur Saber Class Servent

Fate Series usually utilize the same plot of the Holy Grail war, In which seven wizards are chosen by the Holy Grail provided each with a servant; a fighter from history, mythology, tale or folklore with immense power to fight for the same and secure the Holy Grail. Yet, every time the series is so intriguing and able to make you awe with the twist and turns is just a splendid speciality of the Fate Series. filled with blood baths at once and tender soft hearted emotional clashes at other Fate Series is a treat to watch.

So, If you’re not into the Fate Series and wanted to start anew here’s a guide on what and how to watch first in Type-Moon novels.

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