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March Comes In Like A Lion - Cover

March Comes In Like a Lion Answers; How Slice Of Life Packs Extravagant Stories

This is a combined review of March Comes In like a Lion Season 1 and Season 2. This post doesn’t concern the movie of the same name.

March Comes In Like a Lion’s is sheer statement citing, It’s ok to be depressed; It’s ok to be human. The series begins as Kiriyama listlessly wakens into the vegetate world, drinking out of necessity, dressing out of obligation, and leaving his the dark gloomy apartment in confusion, a being fragile enough to be perished by the breeze, doesn’t say anything, doesn’t discuss his problems rather moving on with his life along with the burden.
Kiriyama is a Prodigy in Shogi; Japanese Chess and a professional Shogi player reenrolled in High School. He dropped out of the high school earlier to pursue Shogi professionally. The series wade easily trough life of and around Kiriyama and the way he influences other and Vice Versa. The series is exceptionally good with it’s plot despite ambling around several characters the main focus is centred to Kiriyama. However, March Comes in Like a Lion tenaciously explore the other characters too paving a way to connect with the characters two of the most dazzling episodes and Instances were “Child of God” Kiriyama match with Touji Souya. The plot is pretty straightforward centred around the life of High School Prodigy but the twist, turns and backgrounder make the series exceptionally well and intriguing.

Notable CharactersVoice Artist
Rei KiriyamaYumi Uchiyama
Hinata KawamotoKana Hanazawa
Akari KawamotoAi Kayano
Momo KawamotoMisaki Kuno
Harunobu NikaidouNobuhiko Okamoto
Touji SouyaAkira Ishida
Kai ShimadaShinichiro Miki
Notable Characters


Kiriyama's Friends
Kiriyama’s Friends

The animation of the series is exceptional with an elegant detailing up to minute attire design. The series shines with its superficial animation to depict the gravity of the situation certainly boasting out the production cost of animation. It looks seamless nonetheless you hook up regularly or decided to dive a bit into frame by frame expedition. Unless an Inanimate object is relevant every frame has a change.
The character design is amazing as well, Kiriyama, Kawamoto family or Touji Souya, The characters are simple brilliance right out of the manga, certainly the weird eerily lips similar to Your Lie In April as well.
The music animation of the series depicts colour and swing the moods with a single beat forcing an immersive experience in superficial scenes. The series hardly depends on the music, however, It worked as cheery on top and effectuate the animation beyond the visual reach.

Our Ratings For The Anime

March Comes In Like a Lion

March Comes In Like a Lion
8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the Character Development
  2. Definitely liked the Character Discussion
  3. Definitely liked the Animation Style

The Bad

  1. Did someone said 3rd Season?
  2. Talking Pets
  3. Weird eerily lips similar to Your Lie In April

Where Can I Watch March Comes In Like a Lion?

March Comes In Like a Lion aka 3-gatsu no Lion is available for a watch in Japanese and English Dub with Relevant Subtitle at Netflix and Crunchyroll.

March Comes In like a Lion #Season 3

March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet. However, Season 2 left a whole room talk about Kiriyama’s future. The series can take twists and turns while aiming for Kiriyama to beat Touji Souya. However, the return of another season of the series entirely depends on the production house and their fickle opinion to adapt the Manga of the same name or not.

As a speculation, If March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3 is announced then the release date will probably fall in fall 2021.

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