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Arata Kaizaki

ReLIFE – When You Land Up in A High School to Secure A Job

Among the fantasies of fantasies lived a wish to talk own old self.

High School anime have been a cliché, however the setup may be, every high school anime has the variety in approach to a certain degree. ReLIFE also avenue the high school – slice of life with a completely unprecedented angle.
Denying the fact that one cannot live his highschool again, ReLIFE Laboratories has created a drug that can turn an individual into a 17-Year-Old.

Arata Kaizaki a tricenarian is bouncing around from one job interview to another after quitting his first job in just three months. The 27- year old has to face a new development and harsh reality after his family financially cut him off. Ambling on the streets Arata meets Ryou Yoake an employee from ReLIFE Laboratories. Ryou offered Arata to be part of an experiment for a year in order to change his life for better with a mysterious pill. Subsequently, Arata Kaizaki becomes 17 years old.

After absorbing the obvious, Arata was enrolled in a high school as a transfer student in 3rd Year. As part of the experiment, ReLIFE laboratories decide to take care of every and all expense of Arata Kaizaki during the time period. Further, if the experiment is a success the laboratory will also take the responsibility to hook Arata with a New Job.

ReLIFE - Cover
ReLIFE – Cover

ReLIFE follows Arata’s incessant scuffle to adjust himself in the hectic lifestyle of a high schooler and how he deals with his mistakes. Further, The anime also shapes a tender romantic story as, the Heart flutters despite the age. However the story plays forward as it should and doesn’t tries to implement romance in a blatant and copious manner. ReLIFE has a fresh feel to the slice of life take despite following the trite high school track. Moreover, Arata’s influence on his classmates is a sight to bear.

CharactersVoice Artist
Arata KaizakiKensho Ono
Chizuru HishiroAi Kayano
An OnoyaReina Ueda
Ryou YoakeJosh Grelle
Kazuomi OogaBlake Shepard
Notable Character


Chizuru Hishiro
Chizuru Hishiro
Chizuru Hishiro - Smile effort
Chizuru Hishiro – Smile effort

The art style used in ReLIFE is quite vibrant and traditional. The series is animated by TMS Entertainment known for the popular animes like Detective Conan, Dr. Stone and Megalo Box. The overall animation is quite optimal and keeps you in the scene. The animation is character-centric and doesn’t focus much on the background. However, that doesn’t come as a cargo. The fact that The Clichéd, firework festival gets better of me and made me ‘awe’ is enough to describe the animation quality of the series. The characters design are adorable and catchy especially the nuanced chibi-style.
The Sound work of ReLIFE is also quite commendable, the music used for embracing suspense and tension is simply splendid. The beats used are ephemeral yet lingering. The overall sound work in ReLIFE is optimum and keep you indulged in the scene.

Our Ratings For The Anime


8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the Plot
  2. Definitely liked the Animation
  3. Definitely like the Characters

The Bad

  1. One plot point was left untied
  2. Some Clichéd embedment

Where Can I Watch ReLIFE ?

ReLIFE is available for watch in Japanese, English and Russian dub with relevant subtitles on Crunchyroll for free

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