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Loisirfeeds is an idea in combination with two words Loisir and feeds. It’s colloquially connotates ‘Leisure’ and ‘Feeds’. We at Loisirfeeds aims to provide soft stories with significance to Art, Culture, Society, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Education, Fashion, Relationships, Soft Opinions, and Special Feature. These light-hearted topics can be waded through leisurely at any point in the day.

Loisirfeeds endeavors to provide detailed information, information analysis, event coverage, reviews, and progression in discussed segments. Precisely, we focus on stories, art, drama, culture, and events that have the potential to pique human interest.

At Loisirfeeds, we cover the hottest event and topics as well as long-forgotten stories which can potentially make sense to our readers. Moreover, we always try to secure an interview with a specialist on a particular topic. If required, Loisirfeeds also discuss “What, Where, When, Who, Why and How?” to let readers indulge in the story and have a grand experience. Further,  Loisirfeeds always look to bring something new on the table and not to squabble with old stories flooded on the Internet.

Loisirfeeds is founded in a 4-4 room amidst of corona outbreak on June 1 with ambition and intention to develop a loyal community of readers. It’s a dream, an effort, a passion but foremost a responsibility to provide our readers with the best and curated information to fulfill their appetite and keep them satisfied.

We bleed so that you can read.  Leisurely.