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Loisirfeeds’ Disclaimer

Loisirfeeds is a non-governmental website dedicated to serve their respective audiences. All information published on the website is reported, verified, curated, and published in good faith to provide general information to our readers. Loisirfeeds takes the responsibility for the content published on the website. However, we deny any interpretation of stories, articles, and posts by individuals as per their predisposition of ideas and Knowledge. Loisirfeeds also deny co-incidental publication of any miscalculated report. In such scenario, individuals can reach out to us and the publication will be subdued.

Fair Dealing

As explained in the exception to infringement under the Copyright Act of 1957, 52 (1) a. ii, iii, and m.

Loisirfeeds confirms it’s unethical to plagiarize any content for the purpose of commercial use. Moreover, we assure our readers that “We would never produce such banal and hackneyed content to lose our valuable readers”


Can I use the content available on the website?

One can use the desired content of the website for their sole purpose If, the purpose is non-commercial. Moreover, one must accredit the source as ‘Loisirfeeds’ if the purpose ends up in the public domain.

Am I not exempted form the Copyright Law of 1957?

The copyright act of 1957 is to safeguard the content created by an individual and to secure their relevant credit. However Loisirfeeds as well, fall in the same category but, express to reserve the rights of reproduction as per the clause mentioned above in (iii) m.

More Question about the Disclaimer?

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