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Toxic Individuals and Individuality

During these emerging days of a virtually connected world, a radical change to the lifestyle of ordinary folks is being observed. As a result, digital platforms like E-sports, Social-Media and Discussion forums influenced the standard of living of individuals to an enormous extent. However, this also created opportunities for people with a virulent mentality who tend to demoralize others over the cyber forums to gain some selfish pleasure or prove their perception superior. The reason behind their actions can be legion, but the primary roots of toxic behaviour among these masses are accumulated frustration from rough patches of their life.

How Can One Identify Toxic Individuals

Surprisingly, identifying a toxic person is a task which evolves according to the identifier’s perspective; some people succeed without much effort, but some are a little too naive to comprehend their situation. Toxic people often elevate the negative reasoning in one’s minds. Generally, the targeted population by these folks are people easy to manipulate into believing themselves weak or wrong. In reality, a person with such a virulent mentality is the actual victim of severe trauma in their previous life. Due to constant stress and depression, a generation of sadistic thoughts occurs in their mind, which justifies their actions.

Signs That You’re In Contact With a Toxic Person

– You’ll feel like they are manipulating you.
– You’ll always try to protect your pride from them
– They’ll always try to make a situation uncomfortable
– You’ll only feel bad about yourself because of their inappropriate comments.

If you’ve had these feelings around someone
You just need to distance yourself from them or probably even end the relationship with them.

How Toxic People Can Negatively Affect Your Peace?

Naturally, the environment revolving around a toxic person is depressing, Moreover,
arguments and disputes are unavoidable around them. Consequently, a severe effect is observed on the people close by. The constant stress accumulated by periodic blames made on your actions for a dilemma unfathomable weakens the self-confidence of the victim resulting in severe mental issues. It can be observed toxic people act similarly in either success or failure situation of other civilians; this is the critical situation as, during these times, a person learns essential lessons of life, but due to bad influence, they often lose self-esteem and fails to achieve their goal.

Traits To Look Out For –

  1. Emotional Damage

During a normal conversation with a toxic person, they often try to manipulate and believe in their perspective. Sometimes, they endeavour to torment your precious bond with your loved ones, eventually making to lonely and depressed. They often consider themselves connoisseurs of every task, so your personal preference doesn’t matter to them and is often considered inferior when all the stress and depressed feelings aggregate, the mind experience severe damage.

  1. Judgemental

Another essential feature of spotting a toxic person is that they’re always judgemental without knowing the backstory. You’ll always end up pleasing yourself to them after you reveal something that seems “weird” to them.

  1. Dishonesty

Someone dishonest may lie or deceive others. Lying is a deliberate act. The tendency to lie, on the other hand, is evil. Dishonesty is a coping method for many people.

  1. Self-Centeredness

A self-centred individual may prioritize their own needs over the needs of others. A self-centred buddy, for example, may refuse to console another friend because they would instead do something different.

  1. Sneaky

A sly person may conceal their actions and words from others for personal gain. A colleague, for example, may undermine your work by failing to relay a critical command from your manager.

  1. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is psychological abuse in which a person or group causes someone to doubt their sanity, reality perception, or recollections. People who are gaslighted frequently feel confused.

  1. Superiority

They always think that they’re superior to others. They’ll always place their desires before other people’s needs or feelings. They’ll also abuse their power to get whatever they want.

A Final Say

When someone else exhibits poisonous characteristics, they can cause others harm. However, their behaviour should not influence our lifestyle; we are not responsible for their action and social life. The ones responsible are the toxic person. Having contact with these people in our daily routine is not a rare scenario, but this shouldn’t wear down our happiness and motivation.

Knowing our limit of patience is crucial in handling situations with toxic people. The challenge is getting rid of the guilt and exercising the self-determination required to set and stick to proper boundaries. Once your borders are breached, try to cut interaction to the lowest.
It can be assumed that having a solid and optimistic mindset significantly impacts our career and lifestyle. Daily appreciation helps our minds to work more efficiently to achieve our goals. Furthermore, harmful sources are incompetent to penetrate the mind, which is determined to oppose them. This will help you to enjoy your time with this world to the fullest and gradually prevent negativity from useless sources from disturbing you.