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Mujer pequeña - Fernando Botero

How Fernando Botero Painting Takes a Dig on Stereotypical Beauty Standards?

Paintings are the expression of the painter’s cerebration with vibrancy, colours and imagination, meant to capture the indigenous idea and illustrate it. When we talk about the paintings the most obvious one that popup in our mind is the half lengthed archetypal masterpiece, ‘Monalisa’ painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Mona Lisa also known as ‘Monna Lisa La Gioconda’ and ‘La Joconde’ described as most talked +1, most visited paintings in the world and the fact is, that Leonardo spent almost 12 years to complete this masterpiece in order to achieve a perspicuous smile that is conspicuous from every visible angle.
The portrait is believed to be of a woman named Lisa Gherardini, wife of fabric merchant Francesco del Giocondo and often termed a beauty as an art and what is drawn.
However, beauty is very subjective and depends on personal preference, highly influenced by the upbringing and predeposited notion. One such artist; Fernando Botero took a paintbrush and decided to break the stereotypical notion of beauty.

Fernando Botero is Madrid borne Colombian figurative artist and sculpture, who swings his brush to depict people in large and exaggerated volume for the purpose of political criticism and humour. His signature is also known as Boterismo. He is one of the most recognized living artists.
We have aggregated five of his painting that pulls of hard satire on the human standards of beauty.

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The Mona Liza

Monaliza - Fernando Botero
Monaliza – Fernando Botero

The above Painting is titled as MonaLiza, She is the twin sister of the original Monalisa. However, Liza is suffering from obese and she cannot help but eat more than her diet yet she smiles with a belief that she is beautiful. The painted was made in 1978 and the dimension of the art is 1660 x 1830 mm

Mujer pequeña

Mujer pequeña - Fernando Botero
Mujer pequeña – Fernando Botero

The above painting is titled as Mujer pequeña. The women painted is wearing a diaphanous skirt, holding a drink in her hand and giving a dead look expression as she doesn’t have a care in the world once she has decided. As prideful as it may seem the woman is certain that she is beautiful.

El estudio

El estudio - Fernando Botero
El estudio – Fernando Botero

El estudio is another art piece by Fernando Botero that glibly tackles the idea of stereotypical beauty. A plus size woman in a studio is being painted by an artist. Now, why would someone paint a plus size women for an art, cause they’re beautiful. The above painting was made in 1984 and the dimensions are 1690 x 1710 mm

Mujer delante de una ventana

Mujer delante de una ventana Fernando Botero
Mujer delante de una ventana- Fernando Botero

Mujer delante de una ventana is created in 1990 and is of 1210 x 1940 mm. This one depicts a women seeking out of the window probably seeking out the modicum of freedom, however, the gaze is now at a different person and not outside the window. Someone might have called her name out or she may be looking at the person she cannot be herself with. The cold distinctive look on the face project the same idea.

La playa

La playa - Fernando Botero
La playa – Fernando Botero

La playa or The beach is also one of the Boterismo. La playa shifts the significance on the interrelationship of the foreground, the subject with the background. The beach is beautiful as is and a woman tanning at the bank with calm and coordinated composure boast the beauty that resides with her. La Playa was made in 1998 and is of 1930 x 1350 mm.

Most of the Botorismo adores the plus size figures signifying that beauty is a misconception created by humans and Evey person is beautiful in their own unique way. Botorismo also contain a whole pool of art filled with satire on our day to day human standards. Its is not gainsaying that the Botorismo isn’t just about the humor rather it tackle several social issue alongside the blend with humor.

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