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Interviews strictly suggest the idea of the interviewee and not the interviewer. We believe in good faith of publication and do not tamper with quotations and ideologies of individuals. Readers are left with their own witty mind to explicate the Interviews.

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Behaya; Is Being a Working Woman a Stigma in India? – In Talks with Vineeta Asthana

Behaya!, the name of first hindi novel by aforementioned Vineeta Asthana will be out soon. The book is inspired by the true life stories of working women. Based on contemporary issues faced by working women in India and discusses their day to day struggle to manage work -life balance, while fighting against the Gender bias, Domestic Violence, being Objectified. What is disappointing here; is that women still take it up all with courage and Take care of both work and the household chores and all these sacrifices rewarded with thanklessness mostly.