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Physical Classroom are Changing at Fast Pace

How Physical Classroom are Changing at Fast Pace; Future of Physical Classroom

Classroom education has been a tradition from the Vedic era, and evolution within is one of the factors that keep it intact despite ageing. There are several thoughts from different schools of thinking, few of them claim the method to be flawed and rest flawless, but education without a classroom isn’t anymore unimaginable, intangible or hard to digest. This implies that we are going through the shift I discussed earlier, on Linkedin, Jan 4, 2020. However, The shift is unexpected and as blasphemous it may sound but in the Linkedin article claims “Unimaginable or rather hard to digest.”

Despite the fact that the shift is here, it came unprecedented and pushed the barrier hard. it breaks it and significantly increased the pace of transformation and beginning of the new classroom era.

Since COVID -19, more specifically COVID-19 lockdown, Humanity has entered a new era and have been through several changes and hardships to keep the community life going. Similarly, several changes occurred in classroom education on a global scale and the Physical Classroom became null Void. Hence, I came across my previous post and thought to compare the current scenario with respect to what I wrote a year ago.

Future of Classroom Education:

From the Past:

“In the future, classrooms will not be restricted to a physical space or location despite being located in certainty. Instead, they’ll have the ability with remote access technology and online screen-sharing options to teach from anywhere around the world. With every passing year, technology, connectivity, and affordability will continue to alter and make significant changes in the educational landscape. Precisely, the Educational process, recruitment process, learning process, and understanding process will see noteworthy amendments on the path.” (Shubham Bharti, Linkedin, 2019)


The points were quite significant and proved to be right, classrooms are not anymore bounded under a definite physical space rather the student choose the location where s/he want to learn. Technology, connectivity and affordability have improved significantly. However, At this rapid pace, a few who lagged to adapt the fast-paced change were driven by circumstantial suicide as they failed to cope with the change due to lack of the above-mentioned factor. This change would have been avoided if the transition would have occurred at a normal pace.

Changes In Classroom Education:

From the Past:

“The classroom of the future seeks for a completely new makeover in order to align with technological advancement. Implementation of Projector, Smart Board, ERP, Firewall, Wi-fi, Broadband, and Automation requires several infrastructural changes as well as adaptability towards it. Moreover, Technological devices still need validation, i.e., Despite being dependent on such technological devices for our day to day work, we usually think it as a nuisance or an obstacle for studies instead of implementing and carving (out)its potential. The idea is also somewhat responsible for creating a void in between the pace of developments under the field of technology in recent years, and it’s implementation. However, this idea has seen to be on decline for the past five years now. Aside, there will be few criteria such as desk, benches, etc. which will remain as it is.

On software end or use of recourses, Applications such as word processor, video lectures, AI, grammatical error corrector, and online assessment will open a new way to teach without limiting teaching to a physical space or location. Further, it will be beneficial and convenient for students as well as teachers to provide guest lectures.”(Shubham Bharti, Linkedin, 2019)


This paragraph can still be considered valid. Moreover, educators need to come out with ways to minimize cheat tricks and a fair evaluation process in order to strengthen the examination. Further, The changes to be made inside the classroom will be gradual as earlier or might be considered irrelevant. If, triggered the sense of no physical presence required inside human psychology. However, it is mere speculation.

Online education within the Classroom:

From the Past:

“Online education is considered affordable and has its advantages in the field of education. If you own a mobile device and internet, you certainly can access through the pool of information on serval dedicated educational websites that are credible. However, we can’t neglect the fact that the communication gap between renders the style irrelevant. Although, if we implement the process within the classroom. It will significantly boost the reachability and will provide a secure platform to clarify any issues or doubts, and the lectures can be accessed later as well. Implementation of such online education measures will have a considerable impact on the process of learning and understanding.” (Shubham Bharti, Linkedin, 2019)


In the circumstances, Online education is probably the one that seems to be the front warriors. This can be signified by the data and the spike seen in the development and downloads of online education video conference apps within the pandemic period.

Requirement of Classroom Education:

From the Past:

“The classroom provides an environment for education. A preparation, a mindset, and an approach towards it. Nonetheless, how much we evolve or relay on several devices. The difference is merely incomparable. Further, classroom education is required for personality development and personality assessment of the individual. This resembles the future of physical classroom education is undoubtedly optimistic and vivid.” (Shubham Bharti, Linkedin, 2019)


The Classroom is definitely meant to provide the environment, mindset and approach. Further, the COVID -19 drift push was uncalled and hence resulted in a hurried premature adoption of the same. However, it is going to be a sight to gaze on the changing process from here on out which compiles, How teachers, students and parents are going to settle with, while maintaining the quality in education.

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