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Poweramp – Music Player Loaded With Tons of Features and Customization

Music players are on verge of extinction due to recent growth of music streaming services life Spotify and Jio Music. However, there is still a lot of fun in downloading and listening them in a old good power-packed music players

Music Players are mostly preloaded as an essential feature of a smartphone. Tracing its beginning, Music players were in the world long before the birth of the smartphone. Ever since, it’s a known fact that, music moves the mood. It has the potential to soothe us, make us feel relax, unleash our zeal or burst emotion on our face. It can make us feel love, breakups, parties. At times motivates us for great work as well. Music has been an integral part of society probably from the beginning of civilization. It’s been said, “Nature sings a song.” And to listen you need a Music Player.


Poweramp rank falls #1 in Top Paid music app straight from eight years. Well, Straight eight years couldn’t be a coincidence. Poweramp is an all power packed player with a lot of functions and customizations. Probably, This is the prominent reason behind being #1 Top Paid music app. Poweramp is all focused on music, and after the implementation of the new audio engine, It delivers Hi-resolution Audio on supported devices.

Look and feel

Poweamp Logo

Recently, Poweamp had a design overhaul focused on easy navigation and better user experience to customers. The new design is unexpectedly amazing. with a lot of unique gesture to navigate, New visualisations and better customizations, It feels better in hands. Poweramp offers two preloaded Light and Dark theme and provides support to custom theme. Main screen feature visualized seek bar, album art, and ratings. Forward and reverse playback buttons can be switched on and off from settings. Apart, Poweamp features various visualization. Visualizations can be fine-tuned from settings, leaving the power in the hands of user. Users can also customize gaussian blur below the album art from settings.


Newly introduced gestures are the best features you’ll ever get in the Poweramp music player. Gesture always ease navigation and maximize user experience. Pull down to Now Playing, Swipe album art for next and previous tracks, Swipe left/right in library to go back and Pinch in/out to toggle zoom are efficient gestures and increase the productivity.


Poweramp is one player that can play HEVC video as an audio file in the player. It is basically most powerful and advanced player on the Android market. Poweramp can play, mp3, mp4/m4a, Ogg, wma, wav, mpg, DSD, mka, Flv and, various other available audio formats. Poweramp codec is outstanding and renders every audible format.


Poweramp has a most advanced 10-band equalizer with few loaded presets. It has a separate adjustment for Bass and treble and also features a reverb manager. Users can simulate between preloaded reverb option or a custom value. Moreover, Poweramp features, Crossfade Playback, Gapless Playback, Playlist Import/Export, Tag Editor, Lyric Support via Plugins and several other powerful elements.

Price Factor

Poweramp offers 15-days free trial followed by a one time purchase of ‘Full Version Unlocker’ trough Play Store or Poweamp site. Poweramp Unlocker is totally a separate app and Unlocks premium after purchase. It is priced at ₹99 on play store and totally worth it.