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BNA; Brand New Animal – A Mix of Gurren Laggan, Promare and The Clichéd Pure Blood Plot

Brand New Animal is a simple concept conceived as it is. BNA doesn’t take audience aback anywhere for a moment. The series can be easily understood like an open book…


BNA aka. Brand New Animal is set up in the 21st century after the existence of beast-man came into light. Michiru Kagemori, the lead character was a normal human who suddenly turns into a tanuki beast-man despite, such transformation not being possible. Michiru has known the discrimination and hatred humans harbour against beast-man and decided to run away and takes refuge in a beast-man dedicated city, called ‘Anima City’. Anima City was established 10 years ago to beast-mans to be able to live as they please.

In Anima City, Michiru meets Shirou, a wolf beast-man who reached a conjecture and harbour hatred for humans. The series glibly skate trough worries, lifestyle, and joys of being a beast-man as Michiru and Shirou try to learn the sudden change of Michiru.


Brand New Animal is a simple concept conceived as it is. BNA doesn’t take audience aback anywhere for a moment. The series can be easily understood like an open book. What’s going on? and What will happen? is pretty much understandable. BNA shares a few plot points with Gurren Laggan, Promare and the same old pedigreed-half blood clashes. The Animation style of BNA sure looks good but the plot couldn’t keep up to it. There is plot point left unexplained and others that are blatant attempt to tie a good plot to consummate. Needless to say, in the process, BNA also scooped the character development accordingly leaving an awful taste.

Notable Characters

CharactersVoice Artist
Michiru KagemoriSumire Morohoshi
Shirou OgamiYoshimasa Hosoya
Alan SylvastaKaito Ishikawa
Nazuna HiwatashiMaria Naganawa
Juliano FlipYouhei Tadano
Notable Characters


Brand New Animal Poster

The Animation style of BNA is quite fast-paced and optimal. The colour palette stands out in fighting sequences especially the red-lighting tint used at the very first episode. The series is visually good and the dynamic art style gives a jovial look to Brand New Animal. However, there are a few scenes when they tried to skip frames in order to fast forward which result in inconsistency, considering the animation is already fast-paced. The overall animation is decent and not so extraordinary. You cannot expect any less from Trigger; a well-established animation studio which already has executed series like Darling in the FranXX Kiznaiver, Promare, Kill La Kill and Gridman.

The Sound Works is complimentary to the animation style. Similar, fast-paced music is used in order to indulge you in the scene. The OSTs was good and implemented during the concert in a relevant manner. Overall soundwork was decent and up to the mark.

Our Ratings For The Anime


6 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely like animation
  2. Definitely like colour palette used
  3. Definitely like character designs

The Bad

  1. The plot was rushed unnecessarily.
  2. Lack of character development

Where to Watch

BNA or Brand New Animal Anime is available for watch on Netflix in both Japanese and English with Subtitles.

Brand New Animal Season 2 Release Date

There is no information on BNA Season 2 as of now. However, considering there isn’t any cliffhanger in the first season of Brand New Animal, Season 2 is less likely to be possible.

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