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Carole and Tuesday Cover

Carole And Tuesday – It All Starts With the Music

If Watanabe, It all starts with the music, Cowboy, Samurai or aspiring singers. Carole and Tuesday is a splendid Slice of Life anime series with a simple beautifully executed plot. The anime follows two girls, Carole and Tuesday who had a fateful encounter at Alba City. Carole; a resident in the metropolis of Alba, works part-time and plays the keyboard. However, Tuesday is run away from her home in Hershell City to escape the grip of her wealthy political family in hopes to pursue music with her acoustic guitar.
However, Set up in future, when mankind has begun to migrate on mars, living with all lively comforts due to advancement of AI. AI dominates the music industry as well world. and the anime explores the journey of the duo to become a singing sensation with a performance that will be engraved in Marstion history.
Most of the scenes are doesn’t break the continuity. However as an exception, the last performance at the competition. the abrupt appearance of the instrument certainly breaks the flow for once.
The plot is simple and straight forward filled with possible twist and turns correspondence to the situation.

CharactersVoice Artist
CaroleKana Ichinose
TuesdayMiyuri Shimabukuro
AngelaSumire Uesaka
RoddyMiyu Irino
GusAkio Ootsuka
ErtegunMamoru Miyano
TaoHiroshi Kamiya
Notable Characters


The animation of the series is fluid and put an everlasting impression with eloquent character designs. The series follows the contemporary CGI2D blend with a very distinctive colour palette. Carole and Tuesday’s colour palette has a warm tint temperature in most of the frames resulted in a mesmerising eye-soothing animation. Nothing less to expect from the Bones Studio; always implementing quality animation such as Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood, Blast of Tempest, GoSick, Mob Psychoo 100 or BSD if not, outsourced. The scenes are beautifully executed especially competition and song sequences.

The Character design of the series does not come as a surprise considering the fact, most of them are portrayed as a celebrity. Characters are beautifully executed with precise focus on detailing.
The Sound Animation is exemplary as expected from Watanabe. Official Sound Tracks are filled with brimming colours, beautifully co-ordinated with the background ambience to nurute the mood.

Our Ratings For The Anime

Carole And Tuesday

Carole And Tuesday
7 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the Music
  2. Definitely liked the Tracks used
  3. Definitely liked the Animation

The Bad

  1. The plot is flat open simplistic and straightforward with some unusual twist and turns
  2. The appearance of Instrument at the last competition

Where Can I Watch Carole And Tuesday?

Carole And Tuesday is available for a watch in Japanese and English Dub with Relevant Subtitle at Netflix

Carole And Tuesday #Season 2

Carole and Tuesday is a complete series and ended with a bang “To be Continued in your Mind” on the 24th and last episode on Oct 3, 2019. The series is likely not to get a renewal. Carole and Tuesday haven’t announced any other season as well.

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