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Haikyuu - Cover

Haikyuu!! – The Rare Minimalistic Gem, Brimming with Intesity and Thrill

All Things Come to Rest; The Good or The Bad

After eight long years, the adventures of Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio have come to an end. Last night, Twitter was taken to storm in the Philippines and other countries with #ThankYouHaikyuu after, Haruichi Furudate released the last and final chapter of his popular manga “Haikyuu!!”

Haikyuu was adapted into an anime in 2014 with an exceptional and minimalistic animation art style. The anime is still going on with the broadcast of 1st part in Jan 2020, subsequently to be followed by the 2nd part in October 2020 of the 4th season. Despite being a sports anime which conventionally lacks the usual vicarious feel drawn out of natural sports, the popularity of Haikyuu!!, Haikyuu!! 2nd Season, Haikyuu!! Karasuno High VS Shiratorizawa Academy and Haikyuu!! To The Top 1st part stand out in every possible way.

Hinata and Tobio
The Decoy and The King Of Court Celebrating

The sheer writing is enough to hook you up with the animation. But, The art style gives a boost to the series and a tight competition to writing.
Probing the writing style of Haruichi, It’s a known fact that simpler the idea, better the communication and Haikyuu! is a complete resemblance of the aforementioned statement. Our protagonist Hinata Shoyo, after being inspired by the volleyball ace of Karasuno High nicknamed Little Gaint’s action at nationals, decided to be just like him. However, his junior high lacks the volleyball club for men, leaving him with no choice but to train alone or join the girls’ volleyball team. In spite of constant turn downs, teasings out of short-stature, and “Just one more” Hinata mostly used to train himself alone.

Later, Hinata comprises a team of 1st years students and two of his friends from the soccer club to play a tournament. The team was brutally crushed by Kageyama Tobio but Hinata. His consistency to chase his goal remains and bloomed. Hinata decided to pursue his dream with Karasuno High alongside his sworn rival Kageyama Tobio. However, After all these years ‘The Crows’ are now fallen and the journey of Hinata’s dream to play and beat the opponent in the same court as ‘Little Gaint’ begins.

Hinata - Time Stop - Haikyuu!!
Hinata’s – Time Stop
Hinata's Spike - Haikyuu!!
Hinata’s Spike
CharactersVoice Artist
Hinata ShouyouAyumu Murase
Tobio KageyamaKaito Ishikawa
Yuu NishinoyaNobuhiko Okamoto
Tooru OikawaDaisuke Namikawa
Tadashi YamaguchiHiro Nakajima
Kenma KozumeYuki Kaji
Koushi SugawaraMiyu Irino
Notable Characters


Asahi's Spike - Haikyuu!!
Asahi’s Spike
Hinata's Blind Spike - Haikyuu!!
Hinata’s Blind Spike

This anime is the epitome of simplicity and minimalist animation style. The flow of the animation and the drawing angles used instantly stand out of the crowd. The overall animation is fluid and indulging. One cannot expect less from Production.I.G behind par series such as Attack on Titan, Usagi Drop, FLCL and others. If to mention notable moments, The hand sprung and the wings bloom, when the ‘Little Giant’ jumped, The heart pounds

Hinata with Wings - Haikyuu!!
Hinata with Wings
Hinata Dead Serious Look
Hinata – Dead Serious

Haikyuu!! also contains a very vibrant set of characters, each unique in their own way from perspectives of writing and designs. Strung together with the motivation to win and to excel.
The Sound work of the series is optimum. The overall sound work may not stand out inflow but, can potentially amuse you if given modicum consideration. The ambience and the intensity created by the sound was splendid.

Our Ratings For The Anime


8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the minimalistic animation style.
  2. Definitely liked the vibrant characters
  3. Definitely liked the

The Bad

  1. If you can digest a simple and straight forward plot there isn’t

Where Can I Watch Haikyuu!! Season 1 to Season 4?

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Haikyuu, Haikyuu!! 2nd Season, Haikyuu!! Karasuno High VS Shiratorizawa Academy and is available for watch on Netflix and Hi-Dive in Japanese and English Dub with relevant subtitles.
Haikyuu To The Top Part 1 is also available on both, However, It hasn’t been dubbed in English yet.

The undeniable fact is that all things must come to the rest, but If I can utter my wish ‘after the review’. I want to shout this one time for the team Kurasuno with two clauses.

“Go-Go Kurasuno, Push It Push It Kurasuno”


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