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From The New World Cover

Shinsekai Yori- A Dystopia With Sheer Unorthodox to Question Human Morals

If you’re into ‘Dystopia’, It’s a known fact that majority of anime as Psycho-Pass, Texhnolyze or No Guns Life is set in the cyberpunk universe limiting your imagination to a tech-savvy environment with cool robots and social injustice. The interpretation of such universe doesn’t seem unusual until an uncanny series break the stereotype of the post-apocalyptic world and put the viewers in awe.

Shinsekai Yori aka. From the New World, is a dystopic series set up in a quaint- fashioned way following a sudden outbreak of psychokinesis in 0.1% of the population. The anime can hardly be seen as a dystopia. however, do not be fooled by the cover as Shinsekai Yori is exceptionally remarkable dystopic anime.

The set-up instantly set the series apart from the counterparts and the sheer unorthodox universe works as a cherry on top. The anime explores the reason why once full-fledged society with an opulent lifestyle has regressed into that of villagers, bound by the complex rules in order to achieve fragile peace in an isolated society.
The series follows Saki Watanabe a 12-year-old who has just awakened to her psychic powers and is relieved to rejoin her friends Satoru Asahina, Mamoru Itou, Maria Akizuki, and Shun Aonuma at Sage Academy; a special school for psychics. However, this happiness soon turns sides as Saki begins to question the fate of those unable to awaken to their psychic abilities, and the children being abducted by the rumoured Tainted Cats.

The anime create several fascinating conceptions to illustrate the idea that question many of humanity’s morals and beliefs. Each of the concepts is explored in verbatim fashion and complement the other to create a fascinating dystopic world.

Moreover, despite all the complexities and constitution of different ideas and morals, the series doesn’t depend on usual monologues to explain rather devise the idea by implementing in action. Every aspect and approach to an idea is raw and innovative.

Notable CharactersVoice Artist
Saki WatanabeAya Endou
Maria AkizukiKana Hanazawa
Shun AonumaMai Toudou
Satoru AsahinaYuki Kaji
Mamoru ItouHaruka Kudou
Notable Characters


Saki Watanabe

The series is accompanied with a diverse and doting artwork. The animation contains several settings depending on the requirement of the plot and such are portrayed with their unique colour palette. All have been put together with experimental visual style and splendid cinematography to

execute dream-like surreal scenes, put relevantly in order to hint upcoming events.
Not to mention the soundtrack provides the essence of the show and accompany the art style to increase its strengths and enhance the optimum experience. The soundtracks are effectively used to manipulate certain emotion as per the plot. The overall art style and sound work were phenomenal complementing each other throughout the 25 episode journey.

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Our Ratings For The Anime

Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori
9 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the ‘Overall’ plot
  2. Definitely liked the animation
  3. Definitely liked the set-up

The Bad

  1. The plot unnecessarily lean towards political drama

Where Can I Watch Shinsekai Yori?

Shinsekai Yori is available for watch in Japanese and English dub with relevant subtitles on Crunchyroll with a premium subscription

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