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Steins Gate cover Image

Steins Gate; A Mind Bobbling Time Traveling Anime

Steins Gate stroll trough dire consequences of altering the past


Okabe RIntarou aka. Hyouin Kyoma; a Self- proclaimed Mad Scientist invents a time-travelling device in while researching on microwave and bananas. Okabe soon identified that Phone microwave can send D-Mail aka. DeLorean Mail of 36 bytes or less back in time potentially to alter the course of the history. D-Mails have latent ability to change the world line with respect to the actions taken by the receiver. But, the success to avert a situation, works on the receiver’s reaction to the D-Mail, generally unpredictable.

The Protagonist stays in future gadget lab; a small room in Akihabara, with his fellow lab members Shiina Mayuri; his childhood friend, and Hashida Itaru; an otaku hacker. Later, Kurisu Makise; fellow scientist joins the team to facilitate time travelling research.

Supporting characters viz. Suzuha Amane aka. John Titor a time traveller from 2036, want to avert World War III and take possession of IBN 5100 machine. Luka Urushibara; protégé of Okabe and childhood friend of Mayuri and Faris NyanNyan; owner of the moe café add spices to the series. Furthermore, SERN; a mysterious organization and antagonist with the prototype and near completion time machine, came to know the existence of the D-mail and want to take control of machine irrespective the means. SERN tries to accomplish his goals with the help of Moeka Kiryu. The first few episodes also allude that, SERN monopolized the production of time machines in the near future


Steins gate Team

Steins; Gate takes Okabe to the depth of the scientific concept and, the dire consequences of changing the past where he couldn’t find the correct course of time. It deals with the relationship and ideologies that one cannot save everyone. The series is a mix of science fiction, mystery, thriller and drama. It creates a perfect environment to indulge yourself and explore what-ifs, of time travelling. The story is animated in a way that it will bind you and keep you on edge at times and titillate your curiosity at other.

Noteworthy Characters

CharactersVoice Actor
Okabe RIntarouMamoru Miyano
Shiina MayuriKana Hanazawa
Hashida ItaruTomokazu Seki
Kurisu MakiseAsami Imai
Suzuha AmaneYukari Tamura
Luka UrushibaraYuu Kobayashi
Noteworthy Characters


Steins; Gate is animated by White Fox studio, the same animation studio behind epic series viz. Goblin’s Slayer, Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- and Girls’ Last Tour. White Fox maintained the consistent animation style in the series. The traditional 2D animation illustrated the story in a significant manner. The story of Steins; Gate does not require an action sequence, which presented more room to experiment with the normal sequence animation. The overall animation quality is good and consists of ideal no. of frames. The noteworthy animation moments in Steins; Gate was, time jumps specifically, the last time jump and

Spoiler Here death of Mayuri Shiina

The sound work of Steins; Gate is exemplary. Sound effects used to create ambience or white noise with hitch during jumps, crickets etcetera resembles a splendid job done by the sound team

Our Ratings For The Anime

Steins Gate

Steins Gate
9 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely like the character development
  2. Definitely like the animation style
  3. Definitely like sound work

The Bad

  1. Steins; Gate could have explored SERN a bit more
  2. It could have Implemented a few action sequences in series.

Where to watch Steins; Gate?

Steins; Gate anime is available for watch on Netflix.

When will Steins; Gate Season 2 premiere?

Steins; Gate Season 2 aka. Steins; Gate 0 was released on April 12, 2018 and, is available on Crunchyroll

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