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The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me

‘The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?’ Is Just Another Clichéd Monotonous Isekai

Isekai certainly shoots up the hope, Considering the way fantasy world can be. However, it is advised to circumspect the title before landing in such series that can potentially ruin the genre.

It certainly ticks off when a potential good genre is destroyed to its core. ‘The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?’ is one such Isekai that completely ruins the Isekai’s potential and shattered all hopes into pieces. To put it simply, you need to gather up courage at some point to watch an average plot with a crappy CGI. ‘The 8th Son…?’ has everything that makes me say ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

As far as plot concerns, Shingo Ichinomiya a 25-year old realizes that his consciousness has been transferred to a 6-year old boy in a new world out of nowhere. Consider it as a bummer, but they literally stuck to ‘out of nowhere’ concept and didn’t clarify as such in the twelve-episode run. Soon Shingo learned that he is the eighth son of a noble family living in destitute at the countryside and his name is a typical combination of four different names; ‘Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister’. Coming back to senses in these bizarre circumstances, Shingo found that he has an affinity for magic and tries to change the financial conditions of the Baumeister family.

The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me
Wendelin von Benno Baumeister – Kid
Wendelin von Benno Baumeister – Adolescent

However, the kingdom was already manoeuvring to rule out the Baumeister due to their incompetency and inept-ence to rule the lands that fall under their jurisdiction. There starts the plot of betrayal, assassination and succession which provide the required fluidity to the plot. But, the plot isn’t executed well enough and certain points left untethered and unexplained. To make it worse Shingo aka. Wendelin becomes too overpowered after learning magic. Begins, the clichéd overpowered protag with same old adventurer plot. The series ends with the several cliffhangers which leave room for the second season.


The animation of ‘The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me? ‘ is basic and average. That is, as far as traditional 2D animation concerns. The series has also implemented CGI which is on the scale of bad to worse., subject to the viewing sequence. The implemented CGI takes you out of the scene and doesn’t blend with the background equitably. The character designs are not that bad in comparison. There isn’t much to say about sound works in the series.

Cover - The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?
Alfred Reinford and Shingo Ichinomiya
CharactersVoice Artist
EliseAsuka Nishi
Alfred ReinfordDaisuke Namikawa
Wendelin von Benno BaumeisterJunya Enoki
KurtTomokazu Sugita
RhoderichTomohito Takatsuka
Elvin von ArnimHiro Shimono
Notable Chracters

Our Ratings For The Anime

The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?

The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?
5 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked Rhoderich as Character
  2. Definitely like Alfred Reinford as Character

The Bad

  1. CGI Implementation
  2. Plot execution
  3. Untethered Plot
  4. Layer blending in animation

Where to Watch ‘The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?’

The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me? Season 1 is available for watch on Crunchyroll in Japanese, Russian and English with Subtitles

When Will Second Season of ‘The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?’ Release?

There is no information on the second season of The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me? as of now. However, the cliffhangers are needed to put at rest. As speculation, The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me? Season 2 may release in late 2021 or Early 2022

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