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Uzumaki -Cover

The Most Anticipated Horror Anime Uzumaki is Delayed to 2021

Been waiting for a splendid traditional anime

When it comes to horror, amines failed miserably in adapting one despite the source material. The aforementioned statement is not meant for psychological horror series as The Promised Neverland or Shinsekai Yori rather the traditional horror as Another and Shiki. However in August 2019, Adult Swim took the internet by storm after streaming the teaser of Junji’s Ito Uzumaki. It is no gainsaying that, Junji’s Manga has been admired in horror due to its unique art style. Moreover, two of the Junji’s work ‘Gyo’ and ‘Junji Ito Collection’ has been adapted in anime as well. However, Both Gyo and 12 Episode Junji Ito collection failed to create the hustle despite having an awesome plot.
The reason behind is simple, as the Manga indulges the reader into the scene by an active action, however in anime, everything is served on the plate i.e., the presentation and only passive action take place.

Uzumaki Poster
Uzumaki Anime
Uzumaki - Cover
Uzumaki Anime

Notwithstanding the above, Uzumaki dropped like a bomb full of surprise. The trailer of 4-episode mini-series speaks for itself and instantly set it apart from other horror adaptions.

So, How does Uzumaki is different from others?
The basic key here is the Art, Music and subtle Animation. The art style used for Uzumaki completely black and white providing more room to focus on mood and animation rather the vibrant colours. This also results in noticing very minute nuances that can be easily ignored if used vibrant background. The black and white also set the mood, once and for all. Not to mention Junji Ito’s sketching is used as-is making the animation whole better in comparison to other horror anime series.

Uzumaki’s trailer was a complete treat for anime fans who are into horror anime. Further as speculation, It can be the best anime adaptation of Ito Junji’s work till now and If luck’s dancing on the 7th sky Uzumaki has the potential to become a splendid traditional horror anime.
However, The series has been delayed to 2021 as ‘adult swim’ re-streamed the August 2019 teaser with a new title “…(Coming 2021)…” ‘adult swim’ has also mentioned the same in the video description.

The anime was earlier scheduled to release on Toonami in 2020 before the Japanese debut. However, the previous statement of being released before the Japanese debut is null void after the new development. ‘adult swim’ also streamed a 13-minute interview with the director Hiroshi Nagahama and the man behind Mushishi. Both the teaser and the interview aired on Toonami as part of the Toonami “panel” at the Adult Swim Con digital event.

The series follows inhabitants of a town where strange occurrences related to ‘Uzumaki’ began occurring one after another. Viz Media originally released the manga in 3 sperate volume in 2008 followed by an omnibus. If you cannot wait to unfold the story you can purchase the title on Amazon.

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Here’s the list of Japanese voice artist and characters played as a bonus.

CharactersVoice Artist
Kirie GoshimaUki Satake
Shuichi SaitoShinichiro Miki
Kirie’s FatherToshio Furukawa
Shuichi’s FatherTakashi Matsuyama
Yukie SaitoMika Doi
Notable Characters
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