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Tokyo GodFather

Tokyo Godfather; A String of Beautifully Weaved Coincidences

A simplistic idea and a straightforward concept weaved into a story. Tokyo Godfather is quite different from a regular anime.

Tokyo Godfather carries a very simplistic idea with splendidly and elegantly executed animation style. The Movie begins on a Christmas Eve. A homeless family of three, Hana, Miyuki and Gin experience their own Christmas miracle after they find a baby; Kiyoko, while scavenging dumpster for their Christmas present. Despite having no means for their survival. They took in the baby and embark the journey to find the horrible mother who left Kiyoko in the dumpster with meagre information and belongings. Tokyo Godfather is beautifully weaved around Kiyoko. However, It doesn’t put much light on Kiyoko, but focus on, Hana; a kind transwoman, Miyuki; a runaway teenager and Gin; a belligerent guy and their journey to find a place for the newborn in order to give her a better future while confronting their past and finding a world for themselves. These three homeless characters got entangled in a series of event including kidnappings, murder etc.


The three homeless deal may seem like a pretty straight forward concept at first but, Satoshi Kon manages to fully engage the audience with their individuality by implementing these twists and turn that keeps the movie exciting. However, you need to watch the movie in order to know how things turn out to be? Do they find their mother or not? What Kidnappings? What Murder? etc. Tokyo Godfather is a family movie that is, if you consider breastfeeding not a taboo. It is certainly worth a watch.

Notable Characters

CharactersVoice Cast
HanaYoshiaki Umegaki
MiyukiAya Okamoto
GinToru Emori
KiyokoSatomi Koorogi
Notable Characters


Tokyo Godfather

Tokyo Godfather is animated by MADHOUSE studios. Madhouse is a known name in anime. It has already provided plenty of stature animation series and movies like Death Note, No Game No Life, Monster, Hunter X Hunter, Death Parade and Hajime no Ippo. However, there are times when Madhouse outsources few of the series and movie which significantly degrade the quality of animation illustrated in Second Season on One Punch Man. Fortunately, Tokyo Godfather isn’t one of them. The Animation Style in Tokyo Godfather is simple and elegant. The plot doesn’t require any fighting sequence or stellar animation, which gave more room for improving normal frames in Tokyo Godfather. Certainly, Madhouse did the aforementioned and tweaked the normal frames to the optimal level.

Implemented sound works by Madhouse is also ideal and does it assigned job. The sound team delivered required ambience such as passing cars, knocking out, blowing wind in a decent manner. The Movie is licenced by GKIDS and got a BD dub Home Release recently.

Our Ratings For The Anime

Tokyo Godfather

Tokyo Godfather
7 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  1. Definitely like the animation
  2. Definitely like the plot of the movie
  3. Definitely like the way every little details was connected trough co-incidences

The Bad

  1. Nothing but co-incidences, It’s like the strong as well as a weak suit of the movie. which viewer may find annoying at times.

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