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Tower Of God – A Crunchyroll Original Anime From Webtoon

Tower of God makes a difference as an anime. It opens a portal to a whole new world of source materials. Considering, Tower of God marks the beginning in this era. We hope to see much more original content moulded from Webtoons in future.


A tower summons selected people called ‘regulars’ with a promise to grant their deepest desire. Whether the fame, power, money or authority, everything awaits for those who will reach on the top of the tower. However, those who forcibly open the gates of the tower, befall the curse.

Tower of God is centred among two-character Twenty-Fifth Bam and Rachel. Rachel wants to see the real stars from the top of the tower, while Bam, known only to the darkness of a cave and an unreachable light his entire life wants to be with Rachel, who came scintillating beyond the brimming light.

Befriending Rachel, Bam learned a lot about the outside world. However, the happiness was ephemeral. Soon, the gates of the tower open for Rachel and she left Bam in search of stars stating, “She has to climb the tower.” Reality hit hard and the world shatters around Bam but, Bam vowed to look for Rachel no matter the cost and forcibly open the gates of the tower.

Thus, begins the journey of Bam an irregular in the Tower Of God.


The best thing about Tower Of God is, it’s moulded from a Webtoon and not a manga. This makes the series unique and precisely the reason of hype around it. This also opens a whole new door of source material for future anime series.

Now, if we talk about the series, we can classify the show as a Shonen. However, it is pretty different from classic Japanese Shonen. For instance, the series has no or very little fan service and also moves along with the foreground characters. The background as of now doesn’t look much diversified and lacks detailed world-building. In contrast, the plot covers the barren land and make the show appealing to our wit. furthermore, the cliched embodiment of naiveté that follows the protagonist in a Shonen series remains in Tower of God as well. Bam, who just want to make Rachel’s wish a reality face trough a dozen of hardships without caring about himself and then the climax change the world around him. This season can also be claimed as a prologue for a bigger story and an even bigger climax.

Bam - Tower Of God
Bam – Tower of God

Notable Characters

CharactersVoice Artist
Twenty-Fifth BamTaichi Ichikawa
Rak WraithraiserKenta Miyake
Aguero Agnis KhunNobuhiko Okamoto
Yuri Ha JahadMariko Honda
RachelSaori Hayami
Notable Characters


Tower Of God is animated by Telecom Animation Films. The overall animation of the series is optimal. The anime doesn’t have any extraordinary animation moments or animation styles but at the moment of climax. However, It doesn’t let the animation fade anywhere as well, maintaining the constant across the thirteen-episode. Tower of God has implemented sufficient no of frames required for action sequence motion as well. Decent is a perfect word to sum it up.

Sound works were also up to the mark leaving no space for criticism. The ambience and environment created in visuals are accompanied by a fair deal of sound animation. The series was airing simultaneously in Korean and Japanese. It is also being followed by an English dub with a five-week delay.

Our Ratings For The Anime

Tower Of God
Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Tower Of God
7 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely like the plot placement and fighting sequences.
  2. Definitely like the character development especially of Khun.
  3. Definitely like the climax of the first season.

The Bad

  1. The series can focus a little bit more to the background.
  2. The animation style has room to improve.

Where to Watch Tower Of God

Tower of God is licensed by Crunchyroll as Crunchyroll Originals. Hence, It is and will be available only on Crunchyroll for a watch

When will Tower of God Season 2 Release

There is no information on Tower of God Season 2 as of now. However, considering the cliffhanger from Tower of God season 1 it’s no gainsaying that there will be a second season. We will update the post as soon as we get any information about the release of season two.

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