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Weathering With You

Weathering with You – Is It Another Makoto Shinkai’s Magnum Opus?

Makoto Shinkai’s work has been admirable traditionally due to the quintessential blend of an amazing art style and a good plot. 5 Centimetres Per Second, The Garden Of Words, Voices of The Distant Star or Children Who Chase Lost Voices these animated films are at par, certainly defining the stature of Shinkai’s movies. However, Weathering with You aka. Tenki No Ko inevitably was not able to match the same stature as the former films.
To put light, Shinkai’s previous animation film; Your Name was a great market success despite a mediocre plotline in analogy to A Silent Voice released in the same year, however, build-up the anticipation and hype around Tenki No Ko. Hence, when you hook up with a movie or a series with expectations, If not fulfilled leaves a pungent taste.

Tenki No Ko - Hina
Tenki No Ko – Hina

Weathering with You was certainly a movie to be watched with expectations but no. It is an average mediocre film meant for a single watch and doesn’t leave a long-lasting impression like 5 Centimetres Per Second or The Garden of Words. The plotline is very simple with a modicum of fantasy, easy to comprehend and executed as it is. Our protagonist Hodoka Morishima a runaway from his town join a small-time publisher upon reaching Tokyo to overcome the expenses. However, Tokyo is experiencing a massive downpour interfering with day to day life of people with no end to it. In the same frame Hina Amano; an orphan is also trying to sustain her life in the fast-moving city alongside her brother Nagi.
Both the characters get intertwined after Hodoka rescue Hina from some shady men later, falling in love with each other. Subsequently, Hodoka finds that Hina has the ability to manipulate the weather and suggested to start a business of “Sunshine Girl.” However, fate holds a grasp and fortunes turns into misfortunes.
The storytelling of Tenki No Ko is somewhat related like Garden of Words, however, fails to indulge and create a monotonous canvas for the first 30-45 min. Thereafter, the story picks up the pace and the screen becomes vibrant in comparison. The only freshness intact was the more realistic narrative of the protagonist until magic was involved.

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CharactersVoice Artist
Hodaka MorishimaKotarou Daigo
Hina AmanoNana Mori
Keisuke SugaShun Oguri
NatsumiTsubasa Honda
Nagi AmanoSakura Kiryuu
Notable Characters


It’s Shinkai’s work, there is no doubt about that. The art style contains amazing detailed work with the environment and character designs. Definitely with the magic as well. The overall animation was good. However, the use of CGI at times seems iffy and other supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. There were several moments when CGI doesn’t blend with the background animation and resembled distinctively taking out of the scene. in contrast, the movies also contain some amazing beautifully co-ordinated scenes.
The overall sound animation was exemplary and keep you intact with the movie. The sound animation processed for rain is life-like, on the other hand, the winds were significantly missing. The soundtracks are also good and executed in a fashion to set moods and resonate with the audience.

Our Ratings For The Movie

Weathering with You

Weathering with You
6 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the animation
  2. Definitely liked the tracks and sound works
  3. Definitely liked work play of lights and shadows

The Bad

  1. Streamlined Plot
  2. Significantly lack character development/background

Where Can I Watch Weathering with You?

Weathering with You was recently released in Dub by GK Kids and is available to watch on Apple TV or can be purchased here

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