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The Birth of The Drama King

A Window to K-Dramas; Why K Dramas are So Popular?

Now and then, you might have swept across recommendations from the world of Korean Dramas, either from your friends or the streaming platform you utilize for your constant binges. Ever wondered, what are these K-Dramas? Why the hype?

What are these K-Dramas? Why the hype?

Well, to give you one, It’s cute bubbly romanticas, which have unreachable high standards, encapsulating life.  But, that’s not all there is to these K-Dramas. Just like any other content, Korean dramas is a massive gallery filled with amazing shows and diverse genres. However, the ‘Romance’ stays on top in comparison to Comedy, Historical, Mystery and Others. When it down the crux of K-dramas the ‘Romance’ resonates. But, How did K-Drama became this big? What was the factor that led to the current scenario?

Earlier, The audiences of the K-Drama were limited. The world never really knew or cared about the existing extravagant Asian shows. However, then came a ‘wave of the rift’ and mankind gazed at dazzling K-Darmas with grizzly eyes and all of a sudden, K-Dramas were a huge sensation that swept the entire world in its bosom. This wave was named the “Hallyu”, basically, the ‘Korean’ wave and It was definitely not limited to K-Dramas. The wave extends to K-pop, K-fashion and others with the cultural influence of Korea. To quote the great wave (among many), Psy’s Gangnam Style wreaked havoc when it hit millions on Youtube. Most importantly, people were amazed and surprised to find out how unique the content is compared to widely accessible western content.

The Birth of The Drama King

Hence, K-Dramas became popular throughout the world in-between 2000-2005. Initially, loved by Asian countries and subsequently followed by western world. However, Very few knew the fact, that K-Dramas has already sowed it’s roots around them as People hesitate to speak about it among friends or connections in order to avoid criticism.

Further, there are tons of reasons why K-Dramas captured popularity and reached the epitome in the current scenario. The most quality aspect is also the most obvious one, ‘The storyline or The Plot’ (usually centred among families instead of one particular protagonist ) are unique and appealing from the perspective of audiences.

Not to mention the spices on the top of the raw materials; the lovely background music and the beautiful representation of fashion from the country, especially the “Hanbok” utilized in the historical drama series.

Nonetheless, people still criticize K-Dramas stating them to be too ‘girly’, ‘fictitious and ‘cheesy’. Well, that’s not true. Since Romance is not something that is limited to being consumed by only women. Even gentlemen who find peace with fantasizing romance and have a few romantic desires to be pursued. K-Dramas provides an awesome way to experience those precious moments vicariously. (Budget-friendly dates, Holding hands, Visiting an amusement park and more). Another factor that attracts criticism to these dramas is the clichèd trope of rich man, working woman and theme based on love triangles and affairs.

As we move towards the conclusion, it’s time to mention few noteworthy titles, which, I am pretty sure, most of you have already watched and engaged with. However, if you haven’t then you should.

The most amazing and dazzling famed drama series that were loved by the youngsters are –

  1. Goblin – The Lonely and Great God and
  2. Descendants of the Sun

Sounds familiar? Of course, they would, These are the most famous romance dramas set in the modern world. However, if you are a virtuoso and feeling ennui, like me. Moreover, if you prefer the good slow classics. The one that particularly stands out is “Winter Sonata (2002)”. I doubt many have heard of the series.

Winter Sonata used to air on a local channel during my school days. Unfortunately, I was deprived of the elegance it had, as the insignificant mind wasn’t able to comprehend its beauty. However, delayed not denied I was able to recall its name of the series and binge it. Marvellous…

Another similar drama is Vagabond, starring Bae-Suzy and Lee Seung-gi. A great watch but the cliffhanger… ooof!! Still enduring the pain of waiting for a sequel nowhere in sight. Curses!!!

Anyway, if you are interested in dramas, or have already watched a few, you might know where to watch these series. In recent scenario, more people are discovering how and where to binge these interesting dramas. But to help you out, “Netflix”, “Hulu”, “VIKI”, “WeTV”, “iQIYI” and “VIU” are a great place, to begin with.

How about you? What’s your experience with K-Dramas? Care to share in the comments? Maybe mention a few gems to help out newbies.

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