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Sadak 2 – The Bollywood Need to Change With Sushant’s Demise

Sadak 2 trailer is now officially the most disliked on YouTube video in approach to like-dislike ratio. The trailer was released 24 hours ago and already hit a high of 5 million dislikes. However, it has to cross the mark of 18 million dislikes on YouTube to become the most disliked video of all time, which is secured by YouTube Rewined 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind. Youtube rewind 2018 has a whopping 86 % of the total dislike.
Earlier, In the same category, The Ghostbusters movie released in the year 2016 held the dubious record of being the most disliked movie trailer ever with over 1 million dislikes. However, it is now dethroned by the Sadak-2 which is the next potential candidate to be the most disliked video of all time considering the constant growth of dislike as per time. Sadak 2 can create a record of the ‘most disliked’ trailer on YouTube.The Trailer was released by Fox Star Hindi and is facing a backlash by the Indian community to dissolve the nepotism in Bollywood.

Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s demise is certainly one of the factors pushing hard however, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that the content of the trailer is below average and doesn’t make sense. The Hinduphobic content further annoyed the public leaving with no takers for the movie. Moreover, Bhatt’s response to Shshant’s demise and public anger aggregated to the predicament.
Sumit Kadel a renowned critic took Twitter to analyse the predicament and highlighted three important factors of the epic fail by the Bollywood industry

Sumit Kadel Tweet

The industry is constantly being hit hard by several new trends such as #unistallhotstar #sadak2rejected and others. However, is the response to the trailer, is the change that we seek to eliminate nepotism in the Bollywood industry?
An actual response to the industry for elimination is possible by no-cooperation or complete boycott of the movie featuring nepo artist. further ignoring and unfollowing the content that promotes nepotism such as PR articles, Paid promotion and others can significantly disorient the oligarch and has the potential to create a new order.

Example PR articles:
1. ‘Karan Johar Crying, Asking What He’s Done To Deserve Hatred Over Sushant’s Death’
2. ‘Sushant Singh Rajput and the burden of being a ‘Shravan Kumar’ in toxic Bihari families

A PR article can be understood by the selection of words which subconsciously reflect the idea of the content creator. However, If we don’t offer ‘them’ what they require the structure will collapse and ultimately they have to subdue to our will as the industry requires grease named money. Further, strengthing the regional film industry can increase the competition resulting in quality or par content for the audiences to please and capture them similar to any other commodity in the market. If you seek good quality content, uphold the will, utilize the content, praise if it’s good, spend money if it’s worth, discourage nepotism, industry malpractices and the movie that releases on Eid. (meant for Salman Khan films only)
On Endnote, This ballgame can be considered as a befitting response to the oligarch industry as,” Your time is done.”

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