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Haru Leaving Legosi

Beastars; An Anthropomorphic Anime Which Subtly Discuss Societal Flaws

Beastars had said a lot, and still has a lot to say.


In the world setup of anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores are trying to coexist together. The story begins with Temu, an alpaca being attacked from shadows and eaten by wolf silhouette implying distrust among herbivores and carnivores. However, despite being afraid of eaten by carnivores, herbivores try to coexist in the same domain.

The story proceeds with our protagonist Legosi, a lone wolf and member of the drama club at Cherryton Academy, who is object to fear due to his menace appearance, throughout his life. However, Legosi is a gentle heart and has been accustomed to this lifestyle.

Amid of guarding the door for his friend at night, Legosi aroused to his animal instincts by a specific fragrance of a pure white dwarf rabbit; Haru. Instinctively Legosi attacked Haru. However, he fought back to his instincts and became valiant in suppressing it. Beastars further develops after Legosi fall in love with Haru. Haru’s character is depicted as a painted rabbit in the world of anthromorphs. The anime delves Legosi’s journey and relation with his classmates, their insecurities and idealistic, realistic societal disparity.

Paru Itigaki; mangaka of Beastars also shaped a love triangle between Legosi, Haru and Juno; a yandere lupine. There’s the tug of war, friendships, action sequence, kidnappings, love hotels, plot twist, animal instincts, carnivores’ black-market, and individuals’ hardships. The story is rich in a bunch of condiments which leaves with an ephemeral lingering taste.


Bestars deliver firsthand story that discusses the nuances of real-life society in a very glib and subtle way. Analogically, Beastars talks about the tussle between the dominant race and the recessive race. It also puts light on the egregious part such as carnivores’ black market and herbivores’ trafficking.  The anime stands out in terms of a non-clichéd slice of life plot, expressive and elegant animation and the visually splendid character designs.

Noteworthy Characters and Voice Cast

CharactersSpeciesVoice Actor
LegosIGrey WolfChikahiro Kobayashi
HaruNetherlands White Dwarf RabitSayaka Senbongi
JunoGrey WolfAtsumi Tanezaki
LouisRed DearYuuki Ono
GouhinGiant PandaAkio Ootsuka
BillBengal TigerTakaaki Torashima
Notable Character Table


Studio Orange did a splendid work with expressive CGI. Orange generated own CGI style that captures moments at minimal. When anime is down to CGI there is a polarized view between anime fans. Considering, only a few studios viz, Polygon Pictures and ufotable excels in CGI and can make anime look supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. However, Beastars also surpassed the barrier of traditional stop-motion animation and made CGI look exceptionally decent. Beastars anime caught, the anger, the sadness, the desperation, instincts, feelings and other emotion quite beautifully. The close combat fighting between Legosi and Lion Chief with biting, thunder, lightning and amazing camera angles is the epitome of the whole series. Apart, the first meet of Legosi and Haru at the flower garden, Juno’s dance and opening were some noteworthy animation work.  Sound works were also considerably good. The fluidity and fidelity in sound work are appreciated. The overall animation style can be termed as decent.

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Our Ratings For The Anime


9 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely like the way it subtly discusses nuances of society
  2. Definitely like the projection of emotion in CGI
  3. Definitely like the story so far in Anime

The Bad

  1. Beastars could have investigated a deep relation between Legosi and Jack; Labrador Retriever and childhood friend.
  2. Lack of story in Juno’s Background

Where to watch Beastars?

Beastars anime is available for the watch on Netflix.

When will Beastars Season 2 premiere?

There is no information on the Release date of Beastars Season 2, however, the 2nd season was announced at the end of the last episode.

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