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Black Lagoon Cover

Black Lagoon; An Action-Packed Seinen with modicum of tenderness


This Review is for all three seasons of Black Lagoon

  • Black Lagoon
  • Black Lagoon The Second Barrage
  • Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail


Black Lagoon is set up in the world of Roanapur; crime haven for degenerates on the verge of Thailand. In this lawless city, present neither a pristine authority nor house of god is unscathed. Fueled by the local crime syndicates, Roanapur is known to be notorious and illicit. There exist Lagoon Company, a pack of three freelancers who excels in the art of delivery.

Our protagonist Rokurou Okajima; a common employee from Japan, abducted on a routine business trip subsequently joins the crew after being abandoned by the company. The hit of reality and being left to luck, Okajima surmises his worth for his company. The series abide the survival of Okajima from light to the dark array of Roanapur.

Okajima, dubbed as Rock after joining Lagoon Company vacillates within the twilight seeking to save everyone who falls under his proximity. Further, Black Lagoon The Second Barrage continued on the same track alongside Okajima’s relation with carnaptious Revy. Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail is Special 5 OVAs based on Roberta’s retribution for the Lovelace Family.


Black Lagoon dig up the conceptualization of change form a good old business boy to a ruthless mercenary. The story dwells with action, thriller and drama centred to Okajima and his determination to save others. The series has a fair share of gloomy moments viz. German skeleton on the boat,


Death of Romanian twins and yakuza Daughter.

made it more natural and realistic. Black Lagoon is usually juxtaposed with Cowboy Bepop in terms of story. However, both series are set up in different scenario and situations formulating the analogy is non-sequitur.

Black Lagoon Caracters
Black Lagoon Characters

Notable Characters

Rock aka. Rokurou OkajimaDaisuke Namikawa
RevyMegumi Toyoguchi
DutchTsutomu Isobe
BennyHiroaki Hirata
BalalikaMami Koyama
ChangToshiyuki Morikawa
RobertaMichie Tomizawa
EdaJun Karasawa
ShenhuaYuko Sasaki
Notable Characters


Black Lagoon is animated by MADHOUSE studios. MADHOUSE had delivered several with top-notch anime with great animation style. Series such as Hunter x Hunter, Death Parade, Marvel Future Avengers, Wolf Children, NO Game NO Life, Tokyo Godfather, One Punch Man or Parasyte -The Maxim- are few of the Magnum Opus delivered by MADHOUSE. From the animations’ perspective, Black Lagoon contains an optimal amount of FPS and also excels when comes to implementation of sound works.

Few excellent and noteworthy animation in series were, Roberta’s introduction, Revy Vs Roberta and Ginji vs Revy. Sound team also kept its top-notch implementation beside class animation. One of the notable phases in sound work was Ginji Vs Rival Yakuza in Japan.

Revy And Rock
Revy and Rock

Our Ratings For The Anime

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon
8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the animation and character designs.
  2. Definitely liked the sound work of the series.
  3. Definitely liked the justly executed final product.

The Bad

  1. Room for better character development
  2. The continuity is abstract and not material

Where to watch Black Lagoon?

Black Lagoon, The Second Barrage and Roberta’s Blood Trail is available for watch on Netflix in English and Japanese with Subtitles

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