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The Anthem of Heart - Cover

The Anthem of the Heart- Beautiful Words, Beautiful World, A Profound Anime Musical Garnished with Drama

As the popular adage goes, “One can not reverse a fired bow”

Words have such an immeasurable significance literally or connotatively. One cannot comprehend the value, the potential and the power, a sentence, a word, or a syllable possess. It isn’t gainsaying that one should think before blabbering out. However, What if your blabber is truth and sabotages every aspect of your living? The Anthem of The Heart takes a dig on both the perspective in a very subtle style. One needs to be focused to judge the quality illustrated. The flow of the movie is like the river. One that is volatile and moves to meet the ocean, free from all bounds yet beautiful.

The fact that ‘The Anthem of The Heart’ is done by the team of ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’ is word enough to trigger you. Notwithstanding, It isn’t like the plot lacks either.

Jun Naruse

Once lived a loquacious girl with the wildest of imaginations. The girl was enamoured by the castle stood atop the mountain, constantly thinking “Someday, I’ll too attend a ball at the castle with my prince charming.”
The girl saw her dad panning out of the castle, on a horse with a princess.
“Oh! Mom, I Saw the Dad today, atop at the castle and (…) he wasn’t with you. He was with a princess. Oh! Mom, maybe You couldn’t go to the ball because you have to cook. Wait! May be Mommy is actually a witch, but I bet you’re a good witch, bad witch is… Gulp”

Our protagonist, Jun Naruse was a chatterbox, one who uses to believes that life is full of fairy tales and happy endings until the aforementioned reminiscence. Naruse was scarred for the rest of life after being blamed for her parents’ divorce. The scar was so deep that her vehemence imagination manifests into an egg just seal her voice away. Naruse is bound to follow the rules or she cannot meet the prince charming ever.

The time flows but Naruse’s speech remains sealed by the fairy egg. Unable to convey her thoughts through words, Naruse is chosen to perform in a musical in her high school. Perhaps, the fairy egg ‘curse’ does not apply on singing?

CharactersVoice Artist
Jun NaruseInori Minase
Natsuki NitouSora Amamiya
Takumi SakagamiKouki Uchiyama
Daiki TasakiYoshimasa Hosoya
Kazuki JoushimaKeiji Fujiwara
Notable Characters


Jun Naruse
Jun Naruse
The Anthem of The Heart – Musical Team

The animation quality of the movie is simply splendid. Every frame was beautifully co-ordinated with the subsequent scene transitions – back and forth. The movie has its share of the musical and on the contrary to regular animation or anime, where the sound work expected to support the art style, The Anthem of The Heart is vice versa. The sound work is exceptional and mesmerising, from the slightest songwriting to the very climactic musical, Every ounce of sound poured into the movie simply reflect the hard work of the sound team. Not to mention, the rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ to reflect Narsu’s wishes shuts individual inside a primordial space of fantasy and envoke mixed sensations. Here are the three lines (translated) from Watashi No Koe another track from The Anthem of The Heart anime that made me shiver.

"Everyone Rejoiced,That My Voice Disappeared 
 Because Everyone, Hates The Word I Say(...)
 Left Behind, I Can No Longer Even Cry."

Our Ratings For The Anime

The Anthem of the Heart

The Anthem of the Heart
8 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the way plot subtly jumps in between the effects of tacit and loquacious
  2. Definitely liked the Music and Sound Works
  3. Definitely liked the animation

The Bad

  1. The movie is completely focused on Naruse and doesn’t let other characters grow.

Where to Watch The Anthem of the Heart?

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The Anthem of the Heart is available for watch on Amazon Prime in Japanese with English subtitles. The movie doesn’t have any English dub yet.

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