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You Lie in April Cover

Your Lie In April – An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

“Did my feelings reached you, I hope It did.”
Your Lie in April – is one of the few anime, you will come across which seem so nice and beautiful boasting trough the colour pellet, screaming out “WATCH ME!” “WATCH ME!” and once you put up with the series, it will take you into a dark and gloomy roller coaster ride playing with every ounce of emotions you put into the anime series. The series divulge a sequence of subsequent tragic events happens to the protagonist Kousei Arima; The Human Metronome or her Mom’s Puppet who suddenly loses the ability to hear his own piano notes after her mother Saki Arima; a virtuoso pianist passed due to critical health condition.

It resulted in the mental breakdown and Arima left being a pianist for good. However, isn’t life store something else you haven’t given a thought to? Two years have been passed and suddenly the dark, gloomy, blank and white world around Arima start to become colourful after his gaze shift to a violinist Kaori Miyazono playing Melodica amid of park. Kaori with his obnoxious belligerence drag Arima to the world he had left once and set him on a journey to face music again. Little did Arima knows what the future holds however, he decided to embark the journey despite not being able to heed his own piano notes.

The series is quite a blend of gloomier and scintillating moments with every episode digging deep inside Kousei Arima and his relationship with Kaori, Peers, and Music. However, at times the over-dramatic and unrealistic representations of youth and few hyperbole may trigger you of the course. Well, typical anime issues but not necessarily a huge setback for an otherwise awesome series. Considering the fact that, it is, after all, a fictional representation molded to convey more than just what can be summarized in a few sentences or less.

CharactersVoice Artist
Kaori MiyazonoRisa Taneda
Kousei ArimaNatsuki Hanae
Ryouta WatariRyota Osaka
Takeshi AizaYuki Kaji
Nagi AizaAi Kayano
Notable Characters


Your Lie in April is animated by A-1 Pictures. The same studio behind The Promised Neverland and Shinsekai Yori. The Animation of the series is superb except for the weirdly eerie lips of several characters. The Series is paced nicely and contains an ample amount of frames throughout the 22 episodes. Moreover, the series is full of unrealistic imaginative sceneries explicated beautifully to potentially indulge you in the anime.
There were several notable animation moments specifically superficial representations on the classics. However, The climax stood out the most.

The Character Design in the series is so so however, the rejuvenating sound work can potentially drag you into them and fill you up with a brimming burst of emotion. Moreover, sounds were not overused conserving the uniqueness and distinguishing themselves as a regular Slice of Life anime unlike, Forest of Piano whose typical soul is the soundtrack. The sound work of the series is simply splendid and speaks for itself.

Our Ratings For The Anime

Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April
8 10 0 1
Total Score
Sound Work

The Good

  1. Definitely liked the Sound Work
  2. Definitely likeed the Color Pellete Used

The Bad

  1. The clichéd over dramatic hyperbole representation of the youth

Where Can I Watch Your Lie In April?

Your Lie In April is available for watch on Netflix, Crunchyroll and Hulu in Japanese and English Dub with relevant subtitles.

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