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MX Player: A Feature Packed, Hall of Fame Media Player

Video Players are on edge to go obsolete since video streaming services are on boom. MX Player kept the pace with the change and evolved accordingly. Created by J2Interactive and acquired by Times Internet, a part of biggest media conglomerate of Bennett Coleman and Company Limited in 2018. MX player had a design overhaul and various other major and minor improvements to keep user grasped and entertained.

MX Player Pro ranks #1 in Top Paid app under Video Players and Editors section while the free version ranks #2nd and fall in the Editor’s Choice. It is a full-featured powerful video player that lets you play every audio and video file with its decoder. If that’s not all, MX player features video and audio streaming service within the app. The app is loaded to stream Live Indian News Channels, AltBalaji’s Content, MX originals, and other MX creator’s content. Moreover, it features Music streaming service named Music by ‘gaana’ Leaving user a million of choice to listen.

Look and Feel

MX player is quite minimalistic and offers tonnes of customization within the app, it comprises four basic navigation buttons, to switch between Local, Video (Streaming), Music (Streaming) and Me (Profile & Setting). MX player features a normal white and the Dark theme. Pro version lacks the streaming feature and works as a normal video player yet, but it comprises of twenty plus themes and accent colours to customize. 


MX player was a pioneer of gesture implementation in video players. The Gestures are simple, ease hassle and enhance user experience. MX gestures are simple and easy. Swipe left/right to move play head, Up/Down in right for volume, Up/Down in left to toggle brightness, and Pinch in/out to toggle Zoom. Moreover, It features subtitle gestures like forward/Backward to move subtitle, Pinch on subtitle to change size instantly, etc.


Mx Player

MX Player Pro and Regular is known to decode all audio video formats. It was the first Android player to implement multi-core decoding. It has the most advanced and powerful codec that can decode HEVC, H.264, MKV, AVI, M4A, FLV, MOV, XviD, DIVX, WMV and more. Moreover, the reason behind the popularity of MX Player since Android 2.2 froyo, was support to AC3 and DTS audio, earlier via SW decoder and currently via Hardware-accelerated HW+ decoder. MX Player also features custom codec leaving power in the hands of the user.


The equalizer is recently implemented in MX Player and isn’t a game-changing feature. It offers very minimal adjustments to audio with few preloaded presets.

Download and Sync

Download and Sync are only applicable to the free version of the app. User can download episodes, movies and MX originals from the streaming section for offline playback. Moreover, MX Player keep your watch history, subscriptions, watch list and preference synced and secured once you log in with Facebook  

Price Factor

MX Player APK s are free and doesn’t require subscription or purchase. It has a separate Pro, an ad-free version priced at ₹370. Despite the fact, it is priced. Pro version lacks the video and audio streaming feature.

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