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Solid Explorer: A Feature Packed, Best File Manager in Play Store

File Managers are pretty basic application used for carrying out our day to day chores. Despite subtle omnipresence in almost all media and document related apps. We still need a proper file management application.

File managers are an essential component of a smartphone. Every person needs to zip/unzip, move, copy-paste, delete, create, hide or jump through files now and then. Few smartphones are packed with the basic file manager out of the box few aren’t. In both cases, you need a power file manager that can pace up with you and do your job at ease. Marking itself as a potential explorer, Solid Explorer stands out within various competition on the Android market.

Solid Explorer Logo

Developed by neatbytes Solid Explorer is one all advanced power file manager that you will ever need. Solid explorer features various options to ease the hassle with respect to managing files within the device or on the cloud. It can manage files in almost every précised location including root, subject to availability of root access. Moreover, it features dual-pane file browsing with drag and drop support to ease the process to move or copy file.

Look and Feel

Solid Explorer doesn’t look like any other usual and boring root browser; instead it looks innovative with it futuristic material design. It showcases eight themes with an option to change primary and accent color within the app, based on the taste and preference of the user. Moreover, you can enable/disable colorful navigation bar and choose a different color scheme. Solid Explorer also features Icon sets, three preinstalled and rest can be downloaded trough Play Store to change the look of the app.

File Management

Every operation you took out in file manager is file management, but this head is précised to daily usage. Solid Explorer is decent for viewing and managing your media. It has a separate tab for Recent Files, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents and Applications and arranges the file accordingly without changing the actual location of the file. Solid Explorer has the ability to show hidden files and folders or hide and encrypt them with a password or fingerprint. Apart, it features a built-in Music player and Image viewer to reduce the hassle while managing files.

Cloud Support

Solid explorer provides cloud support to various cloud storage services such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Mega, Owncloud, Yandex, Copy, Mediafire, etc. and has ability to manage file directly from the file manager. Moreover, It lets you connect with your Windows PC or Macintosh directly with LAN/SMB, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV remote servers.


Solid Explorer is designed to read and extract almost every encrypted or un-encrypted archives. To be more precise, It can read and create the most commonly used archive formats such as ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR.

Price Factor

Solid Explorer provides 14 days, i.e., two weeks of the trial period. User can enjoy every premium feature during the trial followed by an in-app purchase of ₹10 – ₹40 (Approx subjective to an offer) to use the app forever.

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